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Arabian Horse Flights may be well known for the transportation of horses and livestock. But that’s not all we do. We’re involved in several other aspects of aviation, transportation and logistics including:

  • Acting as the official General Service Agent for Saudi Airlines Cargo since 1995.
  • Customs clearance, including issuing the import and export permit to meet regulations of (MOA)
  • Provision for a full range of horse stalls using both narrow-bodied and wide-bodied aircraft for scheduled services and charters. Equipment can be purchased, rented on a per use basis or leased for longer periods.
  • The scheduling, charter and grooming of horses both pre-flight and during transport.
  • Acting as freight charter consultants involved in providing suitable charter transportation across continents.
  • Delivering all equipment, including portable stables needed for horse show completions and circuses.
  • The safe and reliable transportation of many animals, including:
  • Horses
  • Zoo Animals
  • Livestock
  • Sea animals, including dolphins, penguins and sea lions.

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General Sales Agent

Arabian Horse Flights is proud of our status as the official equine and livestock GSA For Saudi Arabia Airlines, we handle virtually all sales, logistics and operational support, including:

  • The provision of horse containers including full scale maintenance, repairs, tracking and positioning.
  • Acting as a sales and marketing liaison with shippers
  • The application for transit permits
  • Ensuring export and import documentation is in order
  • Arranging for groom tickets, hotels and positioning.
  • Monitoring international health protocols and quarantine regulations.
  • Market research, statistics and forecasts.
  • Providing full grooming services during transportation.

Horse Scheduled Services

Arabian Horse Flights provides comprehensive worldwide service, using regularly scheduled cargo carriers.

Our self-contained portable horse stables allow your horse to travel comfortably, and entirely free from stress. Once booking is confirmed, we allocate the appropriate stable and check to ensure it is in good condition. The stall is then cleaned and disinfected, with an AHF representative on hand to assist with loading and operation container.

All stables are personally tracked and monitored by us and checked at each destination before arriving at their next one.

Logistics and Grooming Services

Once your shipment is booked, Arabian Horse Flights follows a strict procedure to ensure all requirements and logistic needs are met and coordinated efficiently.

We check the horse types thoroughly to make certain the proper travel and space requirements can be arranged according to size, breed and gender.

We inspect ground handling facilities and provide a high loader and loading ramps for safety loading and unloading

All relevant Department of Agriculture regulations are checked in the country of origin and destination, including Health certificates and all vaccination history.

Grooms can then be assigned from a pool of professional flying grooms if not previously provided by a shipper, all of whom are thoroughly trained and familiar with airline procedures and the special requirements of horses while in flight. Some of their responsibilities can include:

  • Pre-flight load planning.
  • Assemblage of portable horse stalls.
  • Ensuring all horse stalls are secured properly to aircraft pallets.
  • Loading.
  • Feeding, watering and inspection.
  • Monitoring of temperature and humidity during the flight.
  • Offloading of horses and stalls.
  • Dismantling, disinfection and stall cleaning.


Arabian Horse Flights provides comprehensive advice and recommendations to airlines unfamiliar with transporting animals as well as consultancy to special events.

We suggest the most suitable type of stall for a particular an aircraft and route and are able to complete market analysis, cost evaluation and revenue projections. We advise on stocking densities, temperature control, groom numbers, loading methods, tranquillizer regulations, transit permit requirements and make sure all IATA, CITES, government and agricultural regulations are adhered to.

We can suggest the most effective ground handling procedures, including loading and unloading methods by using ramps or lifts via high loaders. We also recommend the most appropriate airports to use and the most efficient handling companies better equipped to handle animal transportation.

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