About Us

Arabian Horse Flights Ltd.

Since 1995

Since 1995, Arabian Horse Flights Ltd. has been the leading intercontinental provider of air transportation services for horses and other animals in Saudi Arabia and beyond. With an unparalleled focus on safety, comfort and delivery, we can ensure your cargo isn’t just cared for. They’re nurtured over every mile of their journey.

The rise in equestrian sports and training has brought significant attention to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the past forty years. But with this rise comes greater challenges and increased regulatory standards. Our services don’t just meet national standards. They exceed them. Our priority is the comfort, safety and security for all animals. And yours demand nothing less.

ISO 9002 Certified Holder for International Animal Transportation Across Continents

Official General Sales Agent for Saudi Arabia Airlines

Official Partner and Sales Agent of Instone Air

Our Mission

  • To set customer service standards for animal air transport in the 21st century.
  • To provide a healthy and humane environment for all animals during their transport.
  • To become a leader in specialty transportation for Saudi Arabia and beyond.
  • To innovate and excel in animal care and logistics planning.

Characteristics And Competence

Unlike other transportation services, animal air transport requires not only careful logistic planning but specialized knowledge of official regulations along with proven medical and legal competencies. Animals are live cargo, and demand the greatest attention of all.

Arabian Horse Flights thoroughly examines each horse to ensure they’re clear of any infectious diseases and conditions prior to transportation. We expedite specialized passports, visas and health travel certificates to and from all parent and host countries and regions. Our qualified medical teams tend to each animal to ensure they’re not just comfortable and healthy during their flight, but also emotionally and psychologically balanced, with special attention given to hourly nutrition and grooming needs. From departure to arrival, by air and land, our specialty vehicles ensure the maximum comfort and safety your animals demand.

Unparalleled Achievements

Since 1995, Arabian Horse Flights has transported over 10.000 horses to and from Saudi Arabia, with contestants going on to compete and earn top prize in global equestrian events, including:

  • The FEI World Cup
  • The King’s Cup of Saudi Arabia
  • The Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Cup
  • The Qatar Open Equestrian Championship
  • The Dubai World Cup
  • The Dubai International Arab Horse Championship

And countless others.