Air Stables

Arabian Horse Flights horse stalls can be classified as five main types and are generally used on wide bodied freighters such as B747s, B777s and MD11s, but can also be centrally loaded on A310s

  • Air Stable Rigid – which is fully enclosed.
  • Air Stable Droptop – where the roof lowers for belly positioning.
  • Air Stable Fully Collapsible – three or four can be stacked the save space.
  • Charter stall wide bodied – fully collapsible light weight and generally used on wide bodied charters.
  • Charter stall narrow bodied – generally used on B737, B747, A310 and AN12 charters.

Our rental prices can include:

  • Ad hoc Rental – on a per use basis.
  • Contract Rental – a fixed price per stall for a set period of time up to a year and can include maintenance.
  • Outright Sale – stalls are available for purchase and can include both a maintenance and spare option. Most spares are available in our warehouse in Saudi Arabia.

All equipment can be supplied with a maintenance contract as well as ancillary services such as cleaning, grooms, protective materials and trucking.

Cattle Pens

Available cattle pens from Arabian Horse Flights are lightweight, durable and collapsible pens made manufactured from aluminum composite designed to enable more cattle to be carried on a long trip than conventional pens. They’re light, thin and allow more floor area to be used than other systems.

A full B747 set of pens is 10,000 lbs lighter than conventional wooden and aluminum types, making available a significantly higher payload. Our cattle pens permit 6 extra heads of cattle at 1,500 lbs each to be carried on a B747 charter.

Loading Ramps

Arabian Horse Flights also provides a variety of loading ramps and dolly ramps to assist in the loading and transport of both horses and livestock.

Static ramps are generally used for ‘walk on/off’ charters and can be used for both horses and livestock. Some can be positioned at an airport by towing or loaded onto a low loader. There are a variety of designs, some of which incorporate power-driven hydraulics, so the ramp platform can be raised or lowered in seconds at the touch of a button.

Portable ramps have been designed to be carried on board aircraft to be used for charters, where no static ramp is available. Dolly ramps have been designed to load horses from the ground into air stables and are either heavy-duty, static dollies or portable so that they can be carried around on an aircraft.