Horse Transportation

For over twenty five years, our reputation has been built on one chief priority: the welfare of your horses. We can specialize our services to meet your requirements without sacrificing prompt delivery or the customer service we’re known for.


Other Animals Transportation

We can schedule, charter and transport other animals, both domestic and exotic, by air no matter how specific your requirements are.


Saudi Arabian Airlines GSA

As the official General Sales Agent for Sauidi Arabian Airlines, we ensure our services don’t only meet the highest national standards and regulations—they exceed them.


Story About Us

We Don’t Just Transport Your Horses. We Give Them Wings.

For over twenty years, Arabian Horse Flights has been the premier animal air transporter servicing Saudi Arabia and the surrounding MENA region. Our specialized services include logistic planning for the import and export of horses and other animals, with a detailed focus on their safety and comfort. As the official General Sales Agent for Saudi Arabian Airlines and an official agent of Instone Air, we ensure all our deliveries meet only the highest standards of service and delivery. We know just how precious your cargo can be,. And they deserve nothing but the best in animal transportation.

Here’s What Our Customers Have To Say

  • “I received my horses a few days ago. They were in great condition after being shipped across the United Kingdom, Amsterdam and Riyadh. All nine horses on the rig looked happy and healthy, with plenty of hay nets and water! I would definitely recommend this company!”

    Newaf Al Shemery
  • “Thanks for getting our three horses out of quarantine from Riyadh Airport to Brussels safely and quickly this summer. The flying groomer was very friendly and professional. The company did a great job for us and we will certainly recommend you.”

    Muneera Al Sheikh